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Feeling the pinch?

In these tough economic times, we all need to generate some extra income just to stay afloat each month.

There's no question that learning to trade stocks and options using strategies like those taught by trading experts gives individual investors a serious edge when it comes to

making some extra money in the market! 

But the upfront costs to learn how to trade stocks and options is far more than most people can afford in this tough economy! 

Finally, there's an affordable, high-quality alternative to the often exorbitant costs of training programs such as Investools® investor education, Online Trading Academy®, Optionetics® and others:



Investors' Resource Toolkits!



The Ultimate Investor's Ph.D. Resource Toolkit

is a professionally compiled set of educational resources and tools designed to take your Stock Market investing strategies to the next level,  featuring:


 In-depth Online Courses

 Online Seminars you can view and review at your leisure

 Engaging and information-packed Live Seminars

 Step-By-Step Tutorials

 Complete Reference Manuals

 Streaming Video!

 Valuable Trading Tools!

 ... and TONS of advanced tips and tricks!

Ideal for students of:

 Investools® investor education

 Optionetics® investor education

 Online Trading Academy® investor education

or anyone ready to accelerate their trading skills!





"Last month I made over $28,000..."



"When I first started exploring trading stocks I looked into the Investools® investor education program. While I was impressed with their offerings, it was simply far beyond what I could afford. The same was true for many other training programs I researched. 

I was about to give up on trading altogether when I came across TopInvestingTools® on the internet.  Now I'm using the Ph.D. Resource Toolkit and I couldn't be more excited about trading!  Last month I made over $28,000 on two low-risk advanced option spreads!"

Robert Hayes, Indianapolis, IN


Get dependable 24/7 access to the tools you need,

 downloaded directly to your desktop:



Want to know THE MOST IMPORTANT Stock Market secret?



The market doesn't care about you!



Uncomfortable, isn't it?


Every time someone wins in the stock market,

someone else


 (usually someone who knows just enough about trading to be dangerous to themselves)




Savvy traders depend on ignorant traders to fill their bank accounts, and with the growing number of beginners enticed by infomercials to join the exploding trend in online trading, fleecing the "newbies" has now become Wall Street Insiders' ticket to easy money.


Make no mistake: Trading is War!


Arming yourself with advanced tools and strategies is the best way to manage your risk and secure the profits you dream of.


"No problem!" you say.  "I just learned all about red and green arrows in my expensive investor education class.  I'm ready to go!"




The fantasy of the magic

Red and Green arrows...


The Internet is full of stories from disillusioned traders insufficiently trained to enter the market. 


And we hear stories all the time from disgruntled students who watched their capital evaporate as their investor education program upsold them one course after another, encouraging them to put their tuition on credit cards with the expectation that they would soon recoup their "investment" once they began trading!


Often they find that the trainings are mostly infomercials for the next course up the program's sales ladder: infomercials you're paying to attend!






Does investor education have to be expensive?


You've probably heard the old saying:

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."


Nowhere is that more true than in the stock market.


But the worst scenario is paying for an expensive investing education program, entering the stock market with a false sense of preparedness...

 and then paying for it again with a suffering brokerage account!


Of course, no trading education program can guarantee wild or consistent success in the stock market.


But what if you could obtain the tools, resources and information you need without the bloated curriculum, expensive packaging and relentless upselling that the big investor education programs push?



Investor's Resource Toolkits:


Easy to learn!






"All I can say is – WOW! "



"I purchased the Ultimate Investor's Ph.D. Resource Toolkit last week, and all I can say is – WOW!  It's packed with so much more information and goodies than I expected.  Talk about bang for your buck!  You guys really know how to deliver!"

Eric Stein, Orlando FL





Why do you need TopInvestingTools® Investor's Resource Toolkit?


 The information you'll find in TopInvestingTools® Investor's Resource Toolkits comes from successful and established traders and trading organizations.  Quality online instruction takes you step-by-step through the essential elements of mastering a disciplined trading style while you advance your technical skills at your own pace. 

Seminars, tutorials and online videos can be reviewed as often as you like to cement those new skills into your regular trading habits.  And free valuable trading tools will give you the edge with the knowledge and efficiency you need to make informed strategic decisions in managing your portfolio. 

You'll appreciate the breadth and depth of quality education these toolkits offer at such an affordable price!



Quality investor education is expensive.  If you have any doubt, look at the cost of Investools ® investor education programs as an example.

Often, those who can afford only the basic courses from the popular investor education outlets quickly find out that they've only learned enough about trading in the stock market to become dangerous to themselves.  Then they either end up quitting or signing up for more expensive advanced courses, trading rooms, coaching and workshops. 

Is there any faster way to exhaust your capital before you even become a profitable trader?

At TopInvestingTools® we've assembled an enormous amount of quality educational resources and tools that will make you a more knowledgeable, efficient and successful trader at a fraction of the expense of other training programs


You'll have immediate access to:

 In-depth Online Courses

Online Seminars you can view and review at your leisure

Engaging and information-packed Live Seminars

Step-By-Step Tutorials

Complete Reference Manuals

Streaming Video

Valuable Trading Tools

Free Options Help Desk




Most trading education programs require you to subscribe to their online toolbox.  Many new students become tethered to the use of the toolbox, and worry about what would happen if they could no longer afford it, or if the website went down.

Investor's Resource Toolkits are downloaded directly to your desktop for dependable 24/7 access to the tools you need!



Other investor education programs usually charge a hefty monthly fee to use their online toolbox.  That means more of your hard-earned money constantly bleeding out of your pocket – and it really adds up over time!

With TopInvestingTools® Investor's Resource Toolkits, there is  no monthly fee! 

You'll have desktop access to superior trading tools and resources

included in the price of the toolkit!







"THIS is the way to learn!"



"I love the videos and online seminars in the PhD Toolkit!  If I had gone with the Investools® investor education program, I would have had to be paying monthly fees to access their toolbox and trading rooms.  With the Ph.D. Toolkit I have permanent access to tons of videos and seminars, with more information, and with NO additional costs.  THIS is the way to learn!"

Mary Hartford, St. Louis MO



"O.K., but what do I get?"



And a lot of value is packed into these Toolkits…


TopInvestingTools® offers separate Resource Toolkits covering:


Basic Stocks

Basic Options

Advanced Options

Advanced Technical Analysis


The Ultimate Ph.D. Toolkit!


The following chart shows the features available in each TopInvestingTools® Investor's Resource Toolkit:





Features  Details TopInvestingTools® Resource Toolkit
Basic Stocks Basic Options Advanced Options Advanced Technical Analysis Ultimate Ph.D.
Ultimate Trading Tools The Ultimate Online Stocks Research Tool    

Advanced Technical Analysis Tool  
Insider Trading Monitor    
Powerful Market Browser desktop tool    
Volatility Resources        
Options Positions Simulator        
Options Strategy Screener        
Simulated Position Analyzer        
Options Toolbox for the desktop      
4 Options Calculators      
2 Volatility Calculators        
Free Options Help Desk      
Online Seminars 3 Basic Stocks and Options Seminars      
7 Risk and Portfolio Management Seminars      
10 Trader Psychology Seminars      
Online Options Courses 12 Options Courses w/toll free and e-mail support      
Options Final Exam      
8 Essential Options References        
8 Strategy Cheat Sheets        
Options Tutorials 7 Basics Tutorials, 133 Pages      
5 Advanced Tutorials, 86 Pages        
Advanced Options Video Seminars Options Pricing        
Vertical Spreads        
Covered Calls        
e-mini Options        
Volatility for Options Traders        
Straddles & Strangles        
Currency Options        
Beginning FX Options        
FX Options Pricing        
Beginning Hedging with Options        
Advanced Hedging with Options        
Early Option Exercise        
Spread Trading        
Option Volatility Plays        
Option Collars        
Synthetic Option Arbitrage        
Free LIVE Options Seminars! Options for Traders      
Complex Strategies for Traders        
Position and Portfolio Management      
Options in Your IRA        
Advanced Technical Analysis Tutorials 12 Basics Tutorials        
13 Trading Skills and Techniques Tutorials        
5 Trend Reversals Tutorials        
13 Technical Indicators Tutorials        
7 Breakouts Tutorials        
15 Market Dynamics Tutorials        
5 Market Corrections Tutorials        
6 Day Trading Skills Tutorials        
2 Momentum Trading Tutorials        
Advanced Technical Analysis Seminars Support And Resistance        
Candlesticks Analysis        
Better Moving Averages        
Fibonacci Retracement Techniques        
Volatility & VIX        
Elliott Wave Techniques        
Price Pattern Analysis        
Using Volatility To Maximize Profits        
Candlestick Charting with Steve Nison        
Trends and Moving Averages        
Swing Trading Essentials        
Swing Trading Strategies        
Advanced Technical Analysis Reference Manual Comprehensive A-Z Manual        



"I'm trading with confidence now because     I'm seeing REAL returns for the first time."



"Fantastic!  I can't believe how much information you packed into these toolkits.  And it's all so well organized and easy to follow.  I'm trading with confidence now because I'm seeing REAL returns for the first time.  And the best part is, it didn't cost me tens of thousands of dollars.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Anton Bermant,  Evanston IL



Why pay thousands of dollars when you can get a quality investor education at an affordable price?

Arm yourself with TopInvestingTools® Investor's Resource Toolkits, and take your trading skills to the next level TODAY!


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